Wednesday, June 24

Ok, i should focus on blogging. 
My thoughts keep scattering. 
Ok, shit they're gone again. 

Oh oh, i just realized the 'tmr' i mentioned previously to go Sentosa,
wasn't right. 
I mixed up my dates.
that's what happen when it's holiday. 
Ahh holidays are so sian. Got like nothing to do, 
not much people to interact with.
but when i think of school restarting i also sian. 
Oh man, idk what i want. 
Ah and i still haven't started on any sketch yet.
that makes it 20 sketches to do. save meeeeeee. 

Yeah and i noticed. 
I have a lot of thoughts, 
But when i start talking about it, 
they fly away. 

Yup and i got lazy to blog again.

(C) Made By Love

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