Wednesday, May 20

Ugh. my sis was using my MacBook. 
She always does things, and asks for things,
 and takes people's favors for granted. 
She was using my Macbook as if it's hers. 
I ask it back, she use my words to retort me back. 
She didn't even thank me. 
And that's not all. 
bloody hell. 

I feel shitty now larhhxzxzx. 

Been feeling too high these days. 
It's time for me to go down.
Actually, no, that was bullcrap.

What's not bullcrap is that 
I hate the pressure. 
I hate that 'talk'. 
Just leave me alone. 
I will cope. 
I have been fine. 
Don't worry man. 

You know some people see things from their perspective. 
And they tell you not to do this cos it's not good for u?
I don't care!
I know what i'm doing. 
I don't care if i have to pay the price.
I mean, i know when to stop. 
It just doesn't help when you give your advices. 
It does nothing but make me wanna rebel. 
Everyone gets that. Who doesn't. 
But why are people still doing it? 

rant rant rant rant. 

Sometimes i know my priorities aren't right. 
So what. 
I know i will lose out some things.
it's ok!
I will learn. 

Either that, or i'm just being stubborn. 
No one said life was going to be easy.
Yeah, i know. 
This is the part where i go down.  

I may ever changing, 
But you are faithful.
You are my Comfort.

(C) Made By Love

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