Tuesday, May 12

ok, just a quick one. 
I'm afraid i'll forget to log this down next time. 
Had a wonderful (yet embarrassing)day today 
did assignments with members of MTSS. Haha
k la, not really. 
But everyone's fun! (: 
It was enjoyable. 
K la, i sound toot when i say this. 
but i'm really glad i'm closer to my classmates. 
Praise God. 
I can never talk this naturally in the past. 

For mother's day, i got my mum papers from prints, wrote her a note, 
and got her a cake from Spinelli. 
Spent quite a bomb
(at least for me and my budget that moment of time). 
But i'm glad she liked the cake. 
She was so amazed by the smoothness and the quality of the cake 
Meet my suaku family. 
but i think that it's a blessing in it's own suaku way. 

I'm not gonna rant abt what happened on Sat. 
I'll save it for some other time when i'm bored. 
But i did pack my room. 
It's a little more organized now. 
But now that it's tuesday alr, 
the things have gotten messier.
And it doesn't seem to just stop there. 

Talked to my mum. 
She's so supportive of everything, actually no, most,of the things i tell her
Like she didn't nag so much. 
But joined in my random girl talk too. 
Yeah she's just so supportive, it makes me feel loved, 
I won't do stupid stuff. 
But i still will actually. 
i'm prepared alr. Lol. 
It's youth! Shall enjoy it while i can.

On a random note,
I have buttons that people can press. 
But good that people don't know of them. yet. 
If not i'll be screwed. 
Then again, who doesn't have buttons to be pressed? 
Ahahaha.. puts it in another perspective now doesn't it. 
If i know what buttons to press, you are gonna be screwed. 
This is fun. 
Do you get my drift? 

I know who loves me. (;
Jesus loves me this i know! Lalalalalala!
Actually it's not cool to leak out the secret alr. 
But just to prevent any misunderstandings, haha.

(C) Made By Love

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