Friday, May 22

Music is important to me. 
I always feel that i can get through anything with music. 

I had a thought about worship songs this morning. 
You know when you listen to a worship song, 
and you jump to a meaning.
But i thought, it's just not right. 
take Hillsong for example. 
Their songs are so widely used in churches. 
So many different church use their music. 
but as i mentioned, they are different. 
How come it's possible? 
Yes, there are different types of churches.
Some church might focus on giving upon the Lord. 
Others on grace. 
etc etc. 
So my point is that, 
when you listen to a song, 
it's actually understood by your own revelation. 
i find it more appropriate to find out what the singers 
are believing about their own songs. 
It's more meaningful. 
If you don't agree with the singer, 
then don't listen to the particular artist's music. 

Yeah, that's basically my point i guess. 

One more thing, 
Jesus said in the bible, 
that if your eye is the one that causes you to lust, then pluck it out. 
If it's your hand, cut it off. 
Does he really mean it? 
If he does, then the church one will just be one big amputation ward. 
Pastor gave us his revelation. 
It's actually to bring people to the end of themselves. 
Man! i love that attitude la. 
Jesus is so humorous. 
Ok, i translate that into singaporean terms.
it's like, you say u don't lust right. 
But actually, 
even looking at a woman with dirty 
thoughts is already considered lei. 
So you say you can keep to it right. 
If you don't then pluck out your eye lo. 
Prevention is better ma.
You claim to be veli righteous hor.

Idk, that's just my interpretation. 
But i really like his attitude. 
It's humorous. 
And i doubt anyone actually went to do it. 
If they did, it's just wrong. 

My point is that, why don't people just see things properly first. 
Before jumping to the assumption that Jesus is here to say
'Yo, i so perfect. See how i do it. Follow what i do. I showing you example here!'
But no!
Jesus wasn't here to be a teacher. 
He was here to be our savior. 
Tell me which teacher dies intentionally for his students. 
When Jesus preaching about some things, 
they aren't all for us. 
He was living in the old covenant. 
And under the old covenant, you do good get good, do bad, get bad. 
But now, we're under new covenant, 
you are perfectly righteous when you accept Jesus as savior.  
See the difference?
Many people get confused. 
They think everything Jesus said they must do. 
I tell you, it's just not possible!
Either that, or you makan away the law. 
By that, i mean, people sometimes bend the law
 to the extent that they think are able to keep it.
No one is able to keep it!
Humans are made like this!
Like i tell you now, 
But i bet you are thinking about Barney. 
I told you not to think about it alr!
But you still did!
Yeah, so if i tell you not to be angry, the more you'll be. 
Cos the conscientiousness of 'anger' is there. 
Applies for everything else. 

I want to break all controversies that 
God is a bearded old man, who is oh-so-traditional. 
I'm saying that he is not. 
I bet He's so hot la!
I mean He created all mankinds. 
Who hasn't met a hot guy before.
God doesn't grow old.
How much more the creator of the most perfect human you've met.
And He is love. 
He is not out to punish. 

Ask me how i explain His existence. 
I won't be able to answer. 
Hell, if any Christians can explain, everyone will be a believer alr!
It's about faith. 

Think about it, 
The things you can see, touch, smell, whatever with your five senses, 
They disappear no? 
they wont last forever. 
What about the things that are intangible? 
Love for example? 
I believe intangible things are the ones that will last forever. 

Ok, i think i ranted enough. 
I don't expect anyone to understand. haha. 
I just wanna let my thoughts out. 

Ack, it's alr 23:29. 
and i need to hand in FCP by 23:59. 
Run run run! 

(C) Made By Love  

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