Thursday, May 14

Aiya, haven't been blogging lately. 
So irritating when the momentum's gone. 

Within these two days, i can proudly say that i finished one 2DD work!
Looks so uber nice when printed out on A3 size and laminated siaaaaa. :D
Feel accomplished but not so much
Cos actually the work is easy. 

And i spent a lot of time with classmates.  
I feel really happy these days.
Sometimes thoughts do run in my mind though. 
And i get emotional. Lol. =/ 
But thank God my day always end well. 
And so many things happened! 
Like just one week ago, things were so different. 
I'm still expecting more changes. 
This is life. 

Handed in 2DD. 
Eric was ok with it. 
Practised pen tool today. 
I like it. =) 
I enjoy working. 
Been slacking too much for the hols so itching to find sth to do. 
Didn't sleep much these days la!
Three days combined i only slept for 16 hours! 
Not enough for me!
I had..oh! green bean soup for lunch. =/
Lol. Didn't have appetite cos i ate rubbish previously.
But i had macs for dinner!
ate with Jerry and Addison. 
Jerry was lamed and. 
said let's go eat Mac and then he started to pretend eating his MacBook. 
Koped(or however it's supposed to be spelled) a lot of songs from him. 
And stupid monkey(aka Addison) took pics and posted on Facebook. 
Just now ask him to take me with the fag mac figurine he dowan. 
Then unglam pic he go take.
Met Soffian too!
Today had been fun. 

Ha.. I drifted away. 
On facebook and other blogs just now. 
Uhh. Oh yeah! 
I can't wait for tomorrow! 
Shall blog about it on Sat. Hoohoo. =D 
Getting distracted.. 

(C) Made by Love

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