Saturday, May 16

2 am in the morn. 
And i'm bingeing on the snacks that Soffian bought. 
I had 3 packets of Twisties, one packet of Hello Panda and now Oreo 

Pat, Jelly, Subtract, ZR, Soff, YX, and Clarie 
came over to my place just now.
Had KFC before that.
Soff dropped in later so he didn't join for dinner.
they played Tai ti and Black Jack.
Got money involved sia! 
K la, call me suaku.
 I never gamble before hence i suaku-ing.
Watched vids on Jerry's laptop.
The vids are impressive.
Then karaoke game. LOL. 
Then.. till got bits and pieces i forgot. 
YX left first.
Soff next. 
Pat and Clarie. 
Subtract and ZR. 
And Jerry stayed until 1 plus. Winner. 

Omg, so sleepy! 
Praise God for blessing my day.
It ended well, once again.

(C) Made By Love

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