Thursday, April 30

Haha, actually i'm not that sick to the extent of not be able to blog. 
That was so attention whore. 
Anyway, while i'm waiting for my dinner to cool down. 
(my mum cooked mian sian for me. The best man! ) 
I'm gonna recall my wonderful day for future references or for anyone who cares how my day went. 
Gosh, i'm thinking/typing weird. 


I met Addison at the bus interchange cos 
i just realized we live very near each other!
Met Ian too. (yeah, personally i think it's nicer compared to soff..)
And he lives in Woodlands too! 
Oh gosh, i thought no one lives near me all along. 
Yay! Company! 

The day started...
Oh, i dropped my MacBook. 
FK. I hate my tendency of dropping stuff. 
Esp when those things cost a bomb! 
there's a dent now!!!!! 

Meet drama me. 

Hmm, then we had 2D Design (2DD) 
It was fun.. 
I like the module. 
But about the lecturer, he's not one of my favorites. 
Hey! don't charge me for blasphemy man. 
Hahahaha. He's just not one of my favorites, -winks. 
He talks not big, not. Hoho. 

Then we had lunch. 
At idk which canteen. 
The next lesson was Photography, again. 
Nothing much.. 
It's mostly wrapping up on the pictures that we took for the previous lesson. 
Which was yesterday.
Addison was my traveling home partner today. 
I really hate traveling home by 61..really..  ): 

On a lighter note, 
i enjoy school. Yeah. 

(C) Made By Love

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